Trinity Theatre Company Announces Partnership with San Diego Public Library for “Storytime Sunday” Initiative

[October 9, 2020] Trinity Theatre Company has announced a new partnership with San Diego Public Library. SDPL will be supporting and promoting TTC’s “Storytime Sunday” programming, designed for children ages 12. The aim of this partnership is to bring diverse, engaging storytelling to the greater San Diego community.

Trinity Theatre Company’s Storytime Sunday initiative, which began in August 2020, presents popular children’s stories every other Sunday via Zoom, in an artistic, fun, engaging way for children ages 12 and under and their parents. All Storytime events are free to attend, although donations are encouraged. 

Each Storytime Sunday features two segments. The gathering begins with an ethnically diverse book reading of the show, led by Kitabu Club Adventures, and its founder KenNath Holness.

“I met KenNath through my nephew’s participation in Kitabu (Pre-COVID),” says Associate Artistic Director, Kandace Crystal. “Watching her give her zawadi to these kids by telling these stories – -I knew I wanted to work with her one day.  Seeing myself in books and media were not commonplace until adulthood.  Through Kitabu, we have an opportunity to create a world with true equity for our youngest, most impressionable patrons to see themselves while exploring each other’s cultures, habits, and trends.”

The book reading is followed by a performance of the story by a cast of animated actors, who have rehearsed the performance, sometimes for up to four weeks, in a highly visual and interactive way.

“It’s fun for all ages and families are encouraged to watch together,” says Crystal. 

Trinity’s “Storytime Sunday” initiative kicked off in August, with their first story, “Little Red Riding Hood.” Now, as a result of high attendance and community engagement, Storytime Sundays are planned out through the end of the year, with three other stories making their Storytime debut.

After a successful first month of programming, Trinity Theatre Company reached out to San Diego Public Library to broaden viewership and reach out to the greater community. San Diego Public Library is a public library system that serves the city of San Diego, and encompasses over 30 library locations, including Rancho Penasquitos Library, Balboa Library, Mountainview/Beckwourth Library, Clairemont Library, City Heights Library, and more. 

One of Trinity Theatre Company’s current staff members, Sara Feldman, is a past volunteer at the Carmel Valley branch library, and spearheaded the partnership.

“As a lover of reading and libraries, I have seen the benefits of reading and teaching others through literature,” says Feldman. “My hope through our Storytime program is to show children a new way in which fairy tales can come alive and in turn connect it with morals that can be learned and most importantly how fairy tales change in different cultures.”

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Trinity Theatre Company has strived to continue to innovate and find ways to bring art to the community, while respecting social distancing.

These efforts have resulted in a nimble and comprehensive transition from in-person to virtual programming, with educational theatre camps, community programming, and live performances now being offered completely through Zoom. 

The next Storytime Sunday performance will take place on Sunday, October 18, with the story of “The Lion and The Mouse.” Based on the Aesop Fable, The Lion and the Mouse is the story of a young mouse who meets a mighty lion. The lion, unable to make friends, hides away, but learns that friends come in all shapes and sizes.

Lion and the Mouse

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