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Goldstar review for The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged (2019)

5 Stars. I loved it!
Took our 12 year old daughter, who is really into Shakespeare right now, to see it and she laughed the whole way through.

Audition Technique Class Review

“It’s unbelievable, but true! Philip was offered the role of Dickon Sowerby in The Secret Garden. He let out a scream of joy when he found out about it and he has been excited and in a happy mood ever since. What a great new reality. I still cannot quite believe it. It’s clear that without your excellent guidance it would have not happened. His monologue and his confidence about acting had improved substantially after you taught him. I am therefore immensely grateful to you for having helped Philip gain access to a new world in which he will surely make new and wonderful experiences. He will always remember and be grateful to his very first theater teacher for the rest of his life.” – Jurgen; Parent of a trinity student (2017-18)